Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Hip Pain

  • A lot of patients especially elderly ones, struggle with hip pain secondary to wear and tear and osteoarthritis that interferes with their mobility and daily activities.


  • In advanced cases those patients end up needing total hip replacement surgery under our hip orthopaedic surgery colleagues.


  • Sometimes those patients will have complex medical issues rendering them unfit for surgery while pain killers are not effective enough and they carry on with their struggle with hip pain.


  • Dr Alkholany offers this group of patients, diagnostic injection under combined X ray and ultrasound guidance to numb the nerves that supply their hip joint namely femoral articular and obturator branches. If this proved effective by giving them good quality pain relief even for short period of time, then he carries on doing ablation for those nerves using conventional or cooled radiofrequency to give them longer term pain relief. This is coupled up with a rehabilitative program under care of physiotherapy to improve mobility and strength of muscle groups around hip joint.


  • We always inform our patients that such kind of procedure is aiming at pain relief and improving function and has nothing to do with reversing osteoarthritis which needs surgical intervention.


  • Sometimes the hip pain problem is arising from what’s known as greater trochanteric pain syndrome where there is tenderness on the sides of the hips related to inflammation where number of tendons meet, and the treatment is simple by offering steroid based injection on the sides of the hips guided by ultrasound as day case procedure to ease pain arising from this area.


  • In some instances, if that all fails to achieve pain relief and patients are not fit for surgery our plan will focus on optimising medications and developing coping and acceptance skills while trying to achieve a reasonable margin of independence with daily activities, mobility, and quality of life.
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